External General links for Genealogy

FamilySearch provides access to many online databases of records worldwide. One of these is the IGI which includes baptism and marriage records for all Manx parishes. It also has images of a significant proportion of the Manx National Heritage Archive of early records.


National Archives is the home of the UK's official archive. It includes a searchable catologue, many online documents and reference material.


Scottish Handwriting is an excellent site devoted to explaining how to read old (c1500-1750) Scottish documents written in secretary hand. This type of handwriting is common to many early (pre 1650) Manx documents too.


Latin word list is a list of common latin words encountered in old documents


Google Books has scanned many Manx publications from the 18th and 19th centuries. These can be freely accessed and downloaded online.


Cumbrian Manorial Records is a resource developed in partnership between the National Archives, Lancaster University and Cumbria Record Service with the aim of making such records easier to find and use. Although there are significant differences between the English and Manx administrations and records, parts of this site are relevant to the Isle of Man also.


Borthwich Institute contains some details of the Manx Church Court records.


Medieval Genealogy is a site giving an overview of English records of the period.