Access to old websites

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine is a huge and free archive of the Internet containing 150 billion web pages. Type a (now obsolete) link into the Wayback Machine and bring up an archived mirror of the site. The content of the those (now offline) websites described below remains accessible via this route.


It is presumed that there is no reason why the information on the websites referred to below should not remain in the public domain. If anyone would like a site removed from this list then please contact me at


Mirrored websites relating to Manx Genealogy


Woods Atlas is an obsolete link to an online index of the 1867 Woods Atlas (a register of landowners). A 2009 mirror can be accessed via the Wayback Machine here.


Genealogy Heritage site is the obsolete genealogy page on It contains various pieces of information including a set of old links The 2011 mirror can be accessed here.