External links specific to the Isle of Man

Familysearch wiki contains links to a very large number of online images of Manx documents in the Manx National Heritage Library. These are currently organised by volume or record type, but are otherwise unindexed.


IOMFHS Bulletin Board is a very active forum which is typically used for posting (and responding to) Isle of Man family history queries, requests for help etc.


Wills, Marriage Contracts and other Documents contains multiple valuable online indexes relating to the Isle of Man. It also contains the transcriptions of many Manx wills.


Manx Notebook A huge site containing a great deal of information. Notable inclusions are the online text of many old Manx publications and concise summaries of many thousands of Manx wills. Also included are some extracted property records.


iMuseum (opened Dec 2012) provides "unprecedented access to Manx National Heritage Collections" online. The first major collection to have its images made available is Manx newspapers, the digitised versions of which can be freely searched by keyword. Access to the original images requires a subscription. Separately the Explore Family History section provides a free name index to various Manx records including parish registers, censuses and property deeds.


manxroots Partially completed manx genealogy site which includes some details of 16th century property records.


clip Shipping Registers An online index to the Isle of Man Shipping Registers.


ManxDNA is the homepage of a project using DNA testing to explore the origins of Manx families.


Manx Research Details of certain academic research into 17th Manx subjects.


Manx Law is an archived version of Dr Peter Edge's website on the aspects of the Manx legal system. This originally included transcriptions of some early legal manuscripts, but unfortunately most links are now broken. His copy of the Manx Customary Laws is now given here. A free online version of his scholarly analysis of the development of Manx Law is given here.


16th Century Manx Names provides an academic analysis of early Manx names. This is based upon the names occuring in Talbot's published transcription of circa 1500 rent rolls.


ManxBMD is the home of a free and easily searchable database of the indexes to births, marriages and deaths on the Isle of Man. The indexes (which run from 1877-1979) can also be used to gain an impression of the frequency and geographic spread of particular surnames.